Batch task stuck in "preparing" state

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I am having trouble with my Azure Batch application. Previously, it ran on a CentOS-based pool, but since that pool will no longer be supported after 2024, I decided to create a new pool using Ubuntu Server Container.

After setting up the new pool, I created a job and initiated a task, but it has been stuck on the "preparing" state for an entire day. I am not sure what could be causing the delay, and I need assistance to resolve the issue.

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Azure Batch
An Azure service that provides cloud-scale job scheduling and compute management.
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  1. Prrudram-MSFT 22,486 Reputation points

    Hi @Carlos Santos

    First, it's important to note that the "preparing" state indicates that the Batch service is preparing the compute nodes in your pool to run your tasks. This can include downloading and installing any required software or dependencies and can take some time depending on the size and complexity of your application.

    To investigate the issue, you can check the following:

    Check the status of your pool and compute nodes. You can use the Azure portal or the Azure CLI to view the status of your pool and compute nodes. Make sure that all nodes are in the "running" state and that there are no errors or warnings.

    Check the logs for your tasks. You can use the Azure portal or the Azure CLI to view the logs for your tasks. Look for any errors or warnings that may indicate why your tasks are stuck in the "preparing" state.

    Check the configuration of your tasks. Make sure that your tasks are configured correctly and that they are not missing any required dependencies or resources.

    If you are still unable to resolve the issue, please provide me with more information about your application, such as the code you are using to create and run your tasks, and any error messages or logs that you have received. This will help me to better understand the issue and provide you with more specific guidance.

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