I want to implement an Azure solution for 2VMs in the same Virtual Network to communicate together. VM1 has a public IP and VM2 a private IP and I want to be able to SSH into VM2 from VM1 to install a database application, how can I achieve this?

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I want to implement a solution for an application server (VM1) and a database server (VM2) which allows me to SSH into VM2 from VM1 in the same Virtual Network. VM1 has a public IP address and ports 22 & 80 are allowed in the NSG Group while VM2 has a private IP address with ports 22 & 3306 enabled. I have been unable to SSH into VM2 from VM1 as I got a "bad permission error" response, despite applying NAT & Bastion. Please help, there must be something I am missing.

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  1. Michael Durkan 12,156 Reputation points MVP


    a few queries that may help:

    Do the VM's reside in the same Subnet within the VNET, or different Subnets?

    Do you have NSG's applied at VNET, Subnet or directly on the VM NICs?

    Have you tried using Azure Network Watcher to assist with diagnosing the connectivity between the 2 endpoints?

    Hope this helps,


    Michael Durkan

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  2. msrini-MSFT 9,261 Reputation points Microsoft Employee


    SSH to VM2 from VM1 can be achieved using the Private IP address. You can first login to the VM1 and then use the VM1's Private IP and try doing an SSH.

    Can you also post the exact error that you are getting ?


    Karthik Srinivas