Why can't I add my phone number as an alias?

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So I'm trying to redeem something in Microsoft Rewards. I've redeemed rewards before. I click on "CONFIRM REWARD" and then it says I need to do a Phone verification which also has "Almost there! To redeem your reward, please select an option below to receive a 6-digit confirmation code – we only use this number to confirm that you are a valid user. Please keep this page open and follow these steps. Privacy Statement" and then it says "Select how you want to receive the code:" and I pick "Send me an SMS text message" but at the bottom, above the grey send button, says "You don't have a phone number yet. Add a phone number". I click on "Add a phone number" and I have to enter my password so I do that. Then it brings me to "Manage how you sign in to Microsoft" and in the "Account Alias" section, I click "Add a phone number". First, it says "Add phone number" and there's a selector with the things with +#### so I select my thing, enter my phone number on the bar below, and click "Next". Now I have to "Enter the code we sent to your phone." so I go to my phone, get the code, and type it in. Then it says "For verification purposes, please reenter your password for your account" so well, I do that, and then finally, it just brings me back to the first page where I enter my phone number exept this time, it says something like "Cannot add alias, use different one" or something (it says "You've requested too many codes today. Please try again tomorrow." and I don't want to wait until tmr but i know it says smth about like that). Pls help how why what why how can I add my phone number and finally redeem the points I want to redeem?Screenshot (203)

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