I got charged on a VM from my inactive/old company Azure account. How do I stop it?

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I used to work for a company with a plan that each employee account has a free credit of $150. I created a VM under this account and can use it for free as long as I kept it under the free credit amount.

Recently I received an invoice from Azure, I'm pretty sure it is from this account as I don't receive any email/invoice related to this charge.

How do I stop this billing? I'm no longer access my old Azure account as I don't work for the company anymore.



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    To stop the billing on your old Azure account, you will need to contact Azure support. Since you no longer have access to the old account, you will need to provide the support team with the necessary information to locate and close the account. You can create a support request for this issue.

    It's important to note that if you have exceeded the free credit amount on your old account, you will be charged pay-as-you-go rates for any services you're using. To avoid getting charged, keep your usage within the limits of free services.


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    @Phuong Do Sorry for the painful experience. I understand that your received an invoice for your old account which is currently not being used by you. However, to stop billing for that particular account you need to reach out to Azure billing support team to validate your billing details and perform account verification before it is closed. Even if you don't have access to that account, you should be able to login to Azure portal with login credentials if you remember and raise a ticket. Here is the link - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-portal/supportability/how-to-create-azure-support-request to create support case. If you are unable to login, you may leverage global customer support service to raise a support request on your behalf - https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/topic/global-customer-service-phone-numbers-c0389ade-5640-e588-8b0e-28de8afeb3f2

    The ticket enables you to work closely with the support engineers and get a quick resolution to your issue.

    FYI: Azure Billing and Subscription Management support is included in the Basic Support Plan without any charge.


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