Where i can see how many licenses avaliable to use in Azure Hybrid benefit?

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I want use Hybrid benefit, where i can see how many licenses i have available, and how many are in use?

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Azure Virtual Machines
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    Hello, @Fábio Santos !

    How do I see how many VMs have been used for Azure Hybrid Benefit?

    The number of licenses available are the number of core licenses that you own that are covered with active Software Assurance or Windows Server Subscriptions. You can use the Azure Hybrid Benefit Savings Calculator and check out the Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows Server Documentation for more detail on how this works.

    To check how many are in use, the recommended approach is to use either Azure CLI or PowerShell to count all virtual machines and virtual machine scale sets deployed with Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows Server:

    Check VMs in use with Azure CLI:

    az vm list --query "[?licenseType=='Windows_Server']" -o table

    Check VMs in use with PowerShell:

    Get-AzVM | ?{$_.LicenseType -like "Windows_Server"} | select ResourceGroupName, Name, LicenseType

    You can also check your Microsoft Azure bill to determine how many VMs with Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows Server you're running. You can find information about the number of instances with the benefit under Additional Info:


    For additional information, check out the documentation:

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