About the issue of dAbout the issue of denied access to USB drives and hard drives

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Operating system version. Windows 10 1607 (14393.5192)

Question: 1.After booting up, double-click to access the system hard drive D drive, unable to access it. System Messeage: Location not available Unable to access D:. Access denied. 2.After executing the command CHKDSK D:/F from the command line, the D drive can be accessed normally. 3.But,after the system restarts, the D drive access changes back to step 1.Access denied; Alternatively, after plugging and unplugging the USB drive, it will return to step 1 and the hard drive D will become inaccessible.

4.Insert the USB drive (drive letter E), and the system messeage:
	You currently do not have access to this folder.
	Click 'Continue to obtain permanent access to this folder'.

5.How to perform system settings in order to access the D and C drives normally.
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