Inline image cannot be shown by iOS Teams app

Koji Tanaka 35 Reputation points

Using below example 5, I send a message to me(48:notes) with inline image via Postman.

The response looks okay and Windows Teams app can show the inline image correctly. But I cannot see it from iOS Teams app. iOS Teams app tries to show the image but nothing is shown after enlarging white paperclip icon. What's wrong the example? Or is there any workaround on it? Thanks for your help.

  • This symptom occurs in other chat group.
  • Once I remove the image and restore it using Ctrl-z in the editing screen on Windows Teams app, iOS Teams app can show the image correctly.
  • As I compared the message data before the editing and after, hostedContents looks replaced. Differences are following;
  1. Before editing, there is no "itemid" property in <img> tag though, it is added after editing.
  2. Also, the getting hostedContents' URL are a different like below. (These are b64encoded in URL getting hostedContents)

before: 'id=x_0-ea-d7-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,type=1,url='

after: b'id=x_0-ea-d3-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,type=1,url='

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  1. Chen Guo 95 Reputation points

    I got the same problem. In fact, you don't need to delete image and undo it. You just click edit and confirm without any change, then the image is then shown up in the mobile app.

    In addition to above problem that you cannot see inline image in the mobile app, I have some other observations:
    on the desktop version, inline images are shown and clickable to see an enlarged image in chat message. But in channel, all inline images are shown but unclickable, so not able to see an enlarged image. And you cannot right click to copy these images as well.
    I think things are working differently in channel message and chat message somehow.

    This kind of issues started to appear since around middle September (before that everything is working fine). Are there modifications Microsoft made on graph APIs leading to this problem?

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