Unable to Setup policy, working on Purview. How to fix the Error?

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Im woring Microsoft Pureview trying to issue a policy to my client. Im getting the following error.

Client Error

The LabelPolicy type entity does not have the followin type command:Create.

Parameter name: entityMetadata

Diagnostic information: {Version:17.01.0840.010,Environment:EJPPROD,DeploymentId:c8c55889-026b-4e9c-bef0-70b1a05c242c,InstanceId:WebRole_IN_12,SID:e5e900e2-463d-4c06-8919-ddf07a5ea0d0,CID:493587b8-1748-4046-b04b-2ad16b11a0d7}

Fri, 13 Oct 2023 04:15:37 GMT

Many Thanks in advance!

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