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I used to be able to copy a field entry from the previous record in a table by Ctl '. It now no longer works. Is there now another way? Copying and pasting takes too many key strokes.

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  1. Ken Sheridan 2,671 Reputation points

    You might like to take a look at in my public databases folder at:!169 

    This little demo file illustrates how, when a new record is inserted, the contents of a bound control can be set as the default value for that control when further records are inserted.  This done by means of a small check box beside each control.  Two methods are illustrated, one in which the default values are set for the current session only, the other in which the default values are carried forward to subsequent sessions until cancelled. 

    Note that if this is done for a form opened in datasheet view it will be necessary to set the form's detail section's tab order so that each check box appears beside its relevant column.

  2. Albert Kallal 4,971 Reputation points

    The shortcut key(s) should still work.

    Some handy ones - been using for 20 years in Access.

    ctrl-; this inserts today's date

    ctrl-: this inserts the current time (12 hour format, with am/pm)

    ctrl-' This enters (copies) the last value you entered in this field.

    I should point out that most of these "near forgotten" shortcuts work in Excel also...

    and as a FYI?

    Ctrl-. no that does not, and did not copy the previous value - that shortcut will in fact rotate from view to design to layout view for a form.

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