How to map the 1 column values into another new column using Kusto query

Bexy Morgan 255 Reputation points

Objective: In sample_table, column A for the values of "Q","W" and "Cat" there should be a new column called "C" with mapping value as "CAT" in the output_table.


.create table ['sample_table']  (['A']:string, ['B']:string)
//Insert new data into the source
.ingest inline into table ["sample_table"] <|

Output Table:

.create table ['output_table']  (['A']:string, ['B']:string, ['C']:string)

.ingest inline into table ['output_table'] <|

The output_table should be the desired result. Thanks.

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  1. Wilko van de Velde 2,226 Reputation points

    I'm not sure about the logic, but maybe something like this:

    | extend c = iif(A in ("Q","W","Cat"),"MAP",dynamic(null))

    Be aware that Kusto is case sensitive.

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