Unable to connect to mariadb even with AllowAll wildcard

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I have a Azure Mariadb instance working well since 3 years. I want to access it from a new remote virtual machine, so as usual, I opened a new firewall rule to grant the access to the new machine IP.

Now on the new machine, when I try to connect to mariadb instance with an existing user, I get an error : ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user

I tried with serveral other user credentials and the result is the same, except for one user which is working ! Those users have exactly the same privileges.

Also, the connection from other allowed machines are working, whatever the user used.

I tried all the usual things like flushing privileges, restarting the instance, and even allowed access to all IP, I still can't connect from my new machine.

Does anyone have an idea ??



Azure Database for MariaDB
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