I use dataflow inside for each loop and there is a condition in dataflow to fail it when this condition achieved, the dataflow already failed , but it also enforce to insert data into target tmp table . my question is there any some how to prevent data f

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Hint : I try to use conditional split but it does not achieve what I need

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  1. AnnuKumari-MSFT 31,721 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi Karim Rayan ,

    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A platform and thanks for posting your query here.

    As I understand your query, you are trying to avoid inserting data into temp table after dataflow is intentionally failed when it meets a certain condition. Please let me know if that is not the correct understanding of your query.

    Could you please share more insights on what did you exactly try with conditional split transformation to achieve your requirement ? May be screenshots of your dataflow would be helpful.

    As per my knowledge, Conditional Split transformation should help you in this scenario:

    1. Add a Conditional Split transformation to your Data Flow.
    2. Configure the Conditional Split transformation to evaluate the condition that causes the Data Flow to fail. For example, you can use an "If Condition" to check for a specific value in a column.
    3. Add two outputs to the Conditional Split transformation: one for the data that meets the condition, and one for the data that does not meet the condition.
    4. Connect the output for the data that does not meet the condition to the sink transformation where 'Allow insert' is checked(default setting).
    5. Connect the output of data that meet the condition to another sink, but uncheck the 'Allow insert' option for this sink.

    Hopefully, this should help. If it doesn't then kindly help with more details of your dataflow configuration so far. Thankyou