Does Microsoft plan to provide nuget packages to support implementing the Google User Messaging Platform?

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Beginning 16 January 2024, Google will require all publishers serving ads to EEA and UK users to use a Google-certified consent management platform (CMP).

I use .NET MAUI in order to create cross-platform applications and I use Google Admob to provide ads.

Implementing the ads on multiple platforms is possible through third party nuget packages (I'd rather there was a well supported official package!), but Implementing a consent form through a CMP doesn't seem to be very well supported.

The Xamarin.Google.UserMessagingPlatform nuget package provides a way to add a consent form to .NET MAUI android apps only. While the Xamarin.Google.iOS.UserMessagingPlatform nuget packages doesn't seem to be supported anymore or work with .NET MAUI.

I have not been able to find any other packages that can be used to add the consent form.

Is there any plan to create a new nuget package or update the existing ones mentioned above that can be used to implement the consent form across Google, iOS and other platforms? Without working .NET MAUI packages users will be unable to add the required consent forms and will be discouraged from using .NET MAUI at all. As it stands I'd be better off creating native apps that have support for such things.


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