Why Users are Accessing my Sites through HTTPS on Port 80 instead of 443 ?

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I have a web hosting server using IIS 10 with SSL installed. When I host any site there with both HTTPS and HTTP bindings things work fine inside when I access any site using my VPN, but they don't for public users.

When I tried to refer to some logs, I found that any public access is externally is done on HTTPS but through port 80. In addition to being a security concern, this is causing some issues when accessing my sites. Also, this issue is being faced on any IIS site not specific ones while I have validated my SSL and ensured it is fine and it works fine locally or through my VPN.

The thing is, accessing HTTP through port 80 results in several stability issues that I struggle from. For instance, I receive a 403 response, or even 401 while the credentials are corrected then try several login attempts and it works. Generally, it is negatively impacting my stability.

I don't know if it can be solved through a Rewrite Rule, but I have tried some and that did not work (URL is HTTPS but port is 80). Here is a sample of logs:

2023-09-27 06:06:51 {ip} POST /_apis/customerintelligence/Events - 80 {ip} Mozilla/5.0+(Windows+NT+10.0;+Win64;+x64)+AppleWebKit/537.36+(KHTML,+like+Gecko)+Chrome/ https://{url} 204 0 0 22
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  1. Sam Wu-MSFT 7,046 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    @Mohammed Abed

    Port 80 and 443 refer only to the server port in use (i.e. it is "just a number") and carries no significance at all with regards to security.

    What really differentiates them is http and https, http and https refer to the protocol in use.

    http is used for unencrypted cleartext communication, which means transferred data may be intercepted and read in plain by a human. Username/password fields may for instance be captured and read.

    https refers to SSL/TLS encrypted communication. It must be decrypted to be read. Normally/ideally only the endpoints are capable of encrypting/decrypting the data, although this is a statement with caveats.

    Therefore https may be considered more secure than http.

    The default port for https connections is 443, so browsers will connect on that default port if your url has a https protocol and no port number specified. the default port for http connections is 80.

    You can modify the https port through url rewrite or directly in Site bindings, but I don’t recommend this because it can easily cause problems.

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