How to do Cluster Upgradation

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Can anyone help me on process of cluster upgradation in Azure.

Scenario: We want to do Kusto Cluster upgradation. Currently, we have are using DEV/Test Cluster Dev (No SLA) Standard_E2a_v4 instance and now we want to upgrade to high configuration Standard_E4ads_v5 instance... But not able to find below information before doing the upgradation.

  1. What is the level of SLA support.
  2. How Data backup will maintain. Before upgrading do we need to take any back.
  3. While doing upgradation, will it impact on existing data.
  4. Compare to existing cluster, what are the additional features that we get with this cluster Standard_E4ads_v5 instance.
  5. When we do upgradation, Do cluster region will change because current cluster belongs to West Us region.
  6. How many nodes will be available in Standard_E4ads_v5 instance.

Screenshot of the Azure portal create Azure Data Explorer cluster form.



Azure Data Explorer
Azure Data Explorer
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    @Manohar Gorantla (HCL TECHNOLOGIES LTD) Thanks for posting this query, as requested by Sander, please provide more details to the scenario, so that we can better understand the requirements.

    To upgrade your Kusto cluster from a Standard_E2a_v4 instance to a Standard_E4ads_v5 instance, you should consider the following: Use Azure Advisor recommendations to optimize your Azure Data Explorer cluster

    1. SLA Support: The Standard_E4ads_v5 instance provides a higher level of SLA support than the Dev (No SLA) instance. You can refer to the Azure Service Level Agreements page for more information on the SLA for the Standard_E4ads_v5 instance.
    2. Data Backup: Before upgrading, it is recommended that you take a backup of your data. You can use Azure Backup to backup your Kusto cluster data. You can also use Azure Site Recovery to replicate your data to another region for disaster recovery purposes.
    3. Impact on Existing Data: Upgrading your Kusto cluster should not impact your existing data. However, it is recommended that you test the upgrade in a non-production environment before upgrading your production environment.
    4. Additional Features: The Standard_E4ads_v5 instance provides additional features such as higher performance, more storage capacity, and support for more concurrent queries. You can refer to the Azure Kusto pricing page for more information on the features provided by the Standard_E4ads_v5 instance.
    5. Cluster Region: When you upgrade your Kusto cluster, the region of the cluster will not change. Your cluster will remain in the West US region.
    6. Number of Nodes: The Standard_E4ads_v5 instance provides 4 nodes, which is twice the number of nodes provided by the Standard_E2a_v4 instance. This means that you will have more processing power and storage capacity with the Standard_E4ads_v5 instance.