Python in Azure, using pipenv (and other libraries) + bitbucket

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Hello all. I have a question regarding Python on Azure cloud. I have the following situation, currently:

  • Create Python code in PyCharm (with pip file, pipenv, different libraries installed on the pip), upload to BitBucket repository
  • Clone repository into Linux VM, on the project folder use pipenv sync to get the libraries
  • Run python file from the project with cmd "pipenv run python3" (example)

What I want to know is, does Azure has any tool, or something, that allows me to clone the BitBucket repository, and once in Azure, it can run the code, with the pipfile included? (in Az the pipfile would also run the equivalent of pipenv sync, for example).

Additionally, if all of above is possible, is there a way to make it run under a VPN? Meaning, that before the code is executed, it connects to a Forti VPN, and then executes the code.

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