AggregatorHost.exe crashes on bootup with error code E06D7363

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I used a translator to write this post, so there may be some awkward sentences.

I wrote about this in the Microsoft Community first, but a reply suggested it was appropriate to write about it here, so I'm posting it here.


AggregatorHost.exe crashes on boot.

More specifically, AggregatorHost.exe crashes immediately after booting is complete.

This problem has been occurring since October 1st, Korean time, and no problems occurred before then.

The only system changes that occurred on September 30th before the problem occurred were updating Winget from the MS Store and setting the boot mode to BCDBoot for additional virtual hard disk booting in addition to the existing virtual hard disk booting.


Methods I tried to solve the problem:

System Restore - I reverted my system back to a manually created system restore on September 28th before the problem occurred.

Booting into safe mode - After booting into safe mode, I rebooted into normal user mode.

System file check using DISM and SFC - System check was conducted in online Windows and Windows RE environments using DISM and SFC, respectively.

Deletion of boot configuration - The boot configuration for virtual hard disk booting was deleted, the EFI system partition was formatted using DISKPART, and the boot file was reconstructed.

In-Place-Upgrade - Performed an in-place upgrade using the Windows installation file and updated to the latest version (22621.2361) at the time.

Windows Update - Windows has been updated to the latest version (22621.2428) through Windows Update.

Log out of your user account and log back in - Log out from the Start menu and log in again.

Try creating new user account - I tried creating a new user account and rebooting.


Error report:

Microsoft (R) Aggregator Host
작동이 중지됨
‎2023-‎10-‎19 12:44
보고서 보냄
오류 있는 응용 프로그램 경로:	C:\Windows\System32\AggregatorHost.exe
문제 서명
문제 이벤트 이름:	APPCRASH
응용 프로그램 이름:	AggregatorHost.exe
응용 프로그램 버전:	10.0.22621.2361
응용 프로그램 타임스탬프:	e419e61d
오류 모듈 이름:	KERNELBASE.dll
오류 모듈 버전:	10.0.22621.2428
오류 모듈 타임스탬프:	9223bda8
예외 코드:	e06d7363
예외 오프셋:	0000000000064ffc
OS 버전:	10.0.22621.
로캘 ID:	1042
추가 정보 1:	a062
추가 정보 2:	a06298cba87d8c404c29495b15b0a5ed
추가 정보 3:	0642
추가 정보 4:	0642bc9e61b57bcbbbf132b1e0f4c83d
문제에 대한 추가 정보
버킷 ID:	382818eeebcdd06e51738db55a838c18(1257504531013667864)

Event Viewer Log:

  AppName AggregatorHost.exe 
  AppVersion 10.0.22621.2361 
  AppTimeStamp e419e61d 
  ModuleName KERNELBASE.dll 
  ModuleVersion 10.0.22621.2428 
  ModuleTimeStamp 9223bda8 
  ExceptionCode e06d7363 
  FaultingOffset 0000000000064ffc 
  ProcessId 0x2754 
  ProcessCreationTime 0x1da023e8c19ba49 
  AppPath C:\WINDOWS\System32\AggregatorHost.exe 
  ModulePath C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNELBASE.dll 
  IntegratorReportId e02fed8e-dc0e-4ea9-849a-ef2abce790b0 

The exception code and offset did not change across different error reports.


Computer specifications:

  • Computer model: Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 2 - NT950QDA
  • Processor: 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1165G7 @ 2.80GHz 2.80 GHz
  • Installed RAM: 16.0GB
  • System type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
  • Pen and Touch: Supports pen and 10 touch points ===================================================

Operating system specifications:

  • Edition: Windows 11 Education
  • Version: 22H2
  • Installation date: ‎2023-‎10-‎05
  • OS Build: 22621.2428
  • Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack: 1000.22674.1000.0 ==================================================

I know that a clean install can solve the problem in most cases, but some of the (manufacturer bundled) programs I use don't come with a clean install, so I'd like to avoid doing a clean install.

Additionally, AggregatorHost.exe crashes on boot, but appears to run again soon after. I confirmed that AggregatorHost.exe is running in Task Manager.

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