Connection using Azure AD Kerberos authentication fails.

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Connection using Azure DA Kerberos authentication fails.

What I want to achieve:

I would like to use Azure Files by using Azure Ad Kerberos authentication as the authentication method.


The domain controller is generated as a VM on Azure.

Azure AD Connect between tenant and on-premises AD has been completed.

The machine that verifies connectivity is also an Azure VM.

This machine has already joined on-premises AD, and device registration has also been completed with Azure AD using Azure AD Connect. The Kerberos ticket settings are also complete.

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The most important thing is that two tenants and Azure AD Connect are built for one on-premises AD.

What has been verified:

I followed the steps in Microsoft's documentation to build it. Specifically, it is as follows.

①Create storage accounts and file shares.

②Select "Azure AD Kerberos" as the authentication method and enter the domain name and domain GUID values obtained from the domain controller.

③Grant API permissions to the automatically generated storage account application.

④Mount the file share on a domain controller using the storage account key and set ACLs.

⑤From the verification machine, enter the file share path in UNC path format in Explorer.

⑤Credentials are requested. (I am aware that SSO is no longer supported because you are connecting multiple tenants.)

Here's the problem:

Even after entering the credentials, an error message is displayed and connection cannot be established.

The error message is below.

The specified network password is incorrect.

I tried entering several credentials, but they all returned the same error message. If you have any problems with my steps, please let me know.

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