How to create factory partern using mvc5 application

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How to create factory partern using mvc5 application

I have created mvc5 application and Done Registration and login using simple to insert and getting the things

but i need to implement factory pattern to make my application fast and reuseable, but i am new to in this architech factory pattern.

if you provide any sampling code using factory pattern to insert using C#

Thank you

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  1. Lan Huang-MSFT 26,606 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @coder rock,

    Please suggest me we are developing an mvc web application and which one is the best

    First, the two patterns are not related; the factory pattern is a creation pattern, while the repository pattern is a structural pattern. Factories and repositories work well together.

    In some cases you can delegate responsibility for object creation from your repository to your factory classes when you're reconstructing objects from the data store.

    client <=> repository -> factory
    1. The client requests an object from the repository.
    2. The repository queries the database.
    3. The repository sends raw data to the factory.
    4. The factory returns object.

    Depending on your situation, I personally think using repository pattern is enough.

    Best regards,
    Lan Huang

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  1. Bruce ( 58,041 Reputation points

    the factory pattern is for configuration and customization, not performance. the most common factory pattern with is the repository pattern. say you wanted your code to work a relational data like sql, and no-sql like mongo db.

    you would define an interface for all the database actions. then you would write an implementation for each database type you wanted to support.

    now when you need to create an instance of the repository interface, you need to know the database type desired. here the factory pattern can be used.

    IMyRespository repo = MyRespository.Create();

    a simple implementation might be:

    public class MyRespository
         public static IMyRespository Create()
             switch (setting.Type)
                case "MONGODB": return new MongoDBRepo();  
                case "SQL": return new SqlRepo();
                default: throw ...