Azure Synapse - External Tables, Dedicated SQL Pool confusion

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I wonder if anyone could help with my confusion over the learning path.

You create the following to make external tables in the Serverless SQL Pool

CREATE EXTERNAL DATA SOURCE to reference an external Azure storage and specify the credential that should be used to access the storage.

  1. CREATE EXTERNAL FILE FORMAT to describe format of CSV or Parquet files.
  2. CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE on top of the files placed on the data source with the same file format.

And in the learning path you also needed to create database first. I assumed at the time that wasn't a dedicated sql pool because when I worked with external tables I didn't have to unpause.

But now I have an unpaused dedicated sql pool and in Workspace it looks exactly the same as the one I created to set up external tables....

SQL Database

Database Name

  • Tables
  • External Tables
  • External Resources
  • Views
  • Programmability
  • Schemas
  • Security

Does this mean that the SQL Database is Dedicated SQL Pool AND Serverless SQL Pool at the same time? If you are only working with the external tables, does this mean you don't have to unpause anything?

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