MSI Windows 11: My wifi connection keeps getting disconnected. Requires Modem reset to get it back.

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I have a MSI laptop with Windows 11. I have had this laptop for 4 months now. This MSI laptop keeps disconnecting internet for no rhyme or reason. I have tried both wifi connection and hardwire network connection and it keeps disconnectig on both setup. Confusing part is that the status bar on bottom right corncer shows that I'm connected by the browser (Microsoft edge or Chrome) won't pull any website. Thats how I know that the internet is disconnecting. Once I know that I have lost the interent, then I have to reset my modem with built in router to get the internet back. Only to have this happen again within few mins. Additionally, my other devices on the network lose the internet connection as well (cell phone, other laptops, firetv, roku etc). This happens only when I use my MSI laptops. It doesn't happen when I use Dell or acer laptop with windows 10.

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Windows Network
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    It looks more like a router problem.

    Will the network disconnect when you use only other devices(shutdown the Windows 11 laptop)?

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