Send direct message to a user via MS Teams programmatically

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We are currently using teams web hooks extensively to send notifications to teams channels.

Sometimes we have situations where we need to send a teams message to a user directly, but have not found a way to accomplish this task using powershell.

Is it possible to make an Invoke-RestMethod PowerShell call to send a message to a user directly?

Thank you

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  1. Prasad-MSFT 5,706 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    It is not possible to send a direct message to a user using Teams Incoming Webhook. The Incoming Webhook is designed to post messages to a specific channel, not to individual users. However, you can achieve this by creating a Teams bot application. Teams bot applications can send messages to individual users, group chats, and public channels.

    To send a message to a user directly, you would need to use the Microsoft Bot Framework and the Teams SDK. You would need to capture the user's Teams-specific identifiers, which you can do by fetching the roster or user profile data, subscribing to conversation events, or using Microsoft Graph.

    var turnContext = new TurnContext(new AdapterWithErrorHandler(new ConfigurationCredentialProvider(Configuration)), activity);
    var conversationParameters = new ConversationParameters
        IsGroup = false,
        Bot = turnContext.Activity.Recipient,
        Members = new ChannelAccount[] { new ChannelAccount(userId) },
        TenantId = tenantId
    await ((BotFrameworkAdapter)turnContext.Adapter).CreateConversationAsync(
        async (t1, c1) =>
            var reply = MessageFactory.Text("Hello, user!");
            await t1.SendActivityAsync(reply, c1);

    Please refer to the Microsoft Bot Framework documentation and Teams SDK documentation for more detailed information on how to create a bot and send messages to users.


    Prasad Das


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  1. Prashant Bali (Upwork Global Inc) 75 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    It is now possible to send messages to personal chat(1:1) or to group chat in Microsoft Teams using Microsoft Graph API. And yes, the messages will be displayed in the Teams application using Microsoft Graph API.

    Please refer the "1:1 and group chat messages" section from the below microsoft documentation link:

    chatMessage resource type

    Also, below is the graph API to send a message to any conversation you want using Post HTTP method :{user-id}/chats/{chat-id}/messages

    To fetch {user-id} and {chat-id}, please follow the below steps using Get HTTP method:

    Fetch the user id of a logged-in user or user id of other user using below graph API's:

    Fetch the conversation/chat id of a user:{id}/chats

    As of now, there is no graph API to reply to a personal chat but we can reply to any team's channel message using Microsoft Graph API.

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