less than 120 minutes provided for my Azure 104 Eam

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I gave my exam last week and I got around 100 Mins against 120 Mins mentioned in the exam policy. Also, in 100 Mins there were 49 Questions and more than 80% questions had 2 or more questions inside them as well which means I had around 150 questions to do in 100 Minutes which I dont think is fair because a lot of questions had case studies which referenced VM, VNET , Resource group etc which I had to refer to see which is linked to what but I didnt have any notepad or pen to atleast right what was visible on screen and i had to continuously scroll up and down in order to understand the question. I failed the exam in the end but I feel it was more due to Microsoft trying to judge through unfair means than my lack of preparation. I anyways scheduled another exam which costed me again so who is in benefit here?

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    Hi Aakash,

    100 minutes is normal amount of time to complete AZ-104 exam that doesn't have labs:


    Have you taken the free practice assessment? Do you have Azure Free account so that you can get more hands-on experience?

    In addition to "normal" preparation, I recommend practicing searching documentation using Microsoft Learn search. Reason is, during exam you have access to Learn, however, you need to be able to find the relevant information quickly since you have limited amount of time.

    Please click Accept Answer if the above was useful.



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