Feature Request: Remote Desktop Connection Manager - add WOL function with check online

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I did not found another place where I could send feature request so I'll leave my ideas here :-)

I miss a ability to send Magic Packet for WOL (Wake-On-LAN) function to a specific station/server from RDCM, also would be nice to have something like ping/check if server/station is already on-line (powered on and booted up).

I'd see those ideas as 2 additional options in pop-up menu of rdp server: "WOL" , and "Check on-line", also for group option in pop-up to check whole group if it's servers are online.

Check on-line could check 2 things: ICMP ping - if no response then it would check if specified port is open (e.g. RDP port, or other specified by user). Also it would be nice to have, to be able to run it periodically (e.g. every 30sec in loop) to notice the moment when server goes up on-line (maybe tray notification?).

For WOL setting except MAC and IP address&mask (or broadcast IP address) where to send the packet, there also needed to be able to set port and pattern (for ppl that use pattern for WOL).

For now I'm using 2 programs(and sometimes console too for ping-check) RDCM & WakeMeOnLan (by Nirsoft) - would be great to have it all-in-one :-)

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