Site collections don't display in new server domain?

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Using SharePoint 2019 Server On-Premise

In my new domain no site administrators show or site collections. However my old server and SharePoint domain shows it. How do I get my SharePoint site collections to display on this domain as well?

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  1. Haoyan Xue_MSFT 21,401 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Tevon2.0 ,

    In order to help you better solve your problem, I have some questions I would like to confirm with you:

    1.You are talking about Farm Migration not one server migration, Right?

    2.What have you done to migrate your old domain to the new domain?

    Here are the steps which should be perform in order to complete the migration.

    • Backup your current farm(sharepoint farm backup).
    • Disjoin the existing servers from current domain.
    • Join the servers(Including the SQL Server) to the new domain.
    • Re-create a configuration database in the new SQL location.(means rebuild the farm)
    • Restore the farm from farm's backup.
    • Restore any customizations (Customized web.config for forms authentication may apply.)
    • Run the Migrate User to move all users from old domain to new.

    To backup a site in SharePoint Server, use the Backup-SPSite cmdlet:

    Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
    #Configuration parameters
    #Get All site collections under the given web app
    $SitesColl= Get-SPWebApplication $WebAppURL | Get-SPSite -limit ALL
    #Iterate through each site collection
    Foreach($Site in $SitesColl)
       #Backup the site collection 
       $FilePath = $BackupLocation + $Site.Url.Replace("https://","").Replace("/","-") + ".bak"
       Backup-SPSite -Identity $Site.Url -Path $FilePath -Force 
       Write-Host "Backup completed Successfully for $($Site.Url)"

    Restore site collection backup in SharePoint 2019 using PowerShell:
    Restore-SPSite -path c:\backup\filename.bak

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