"An operation that uses the database driver could not be completed. If the driver is a Microsoft driver, make sure the driver file isn't damaged, and if it is, reinstall the driver by reinstalling Microsoft Query."

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One of the users receive this error. is this issue at our end or at microsofts ?

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Azure Analysis Services
Azure Analysis Services
An Azure service that provides an enterprise-grade analytics engine.
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A family of Microsoft spreadsheet software with tools for analyzing, charting, and communicating data.
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SQL Server Analysis Services
SQL Server Analysis Services
A Microsoft online analytical data engine used in decision support and business analytics, providing the analytical data for business reports and client applications such as Power BI, Excel, Reporting Services reports, and other data visualization tools.
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Excel Management
Excel: A family of Microsoft spreadsheet software with tools for analyzing, charting, and communicating data.Management: The act or process of organizing, handling, directing or controlling something.
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    Let's see what the cause could be. The following are a few things you can try:

    1. Try to temporarily disable Windows Firewall or any security software on the computer used by that user, and try again.
    2. Make sure you can access Azure data sources from other tools on the same computer like SQL Server Management Studio and Azure Data Studio. Try to connect from other hosts on your organization. Sometimes new corporate firewall rules or policies may block access to Azure data sources or temporary health issues of Azure resources.
    3. Sometimes the document the user is using needs to be trusted. Please read here.
    4. Sometimes reinstalling OLEDB or ODBC drivers or using the latest versions of those drivers may do the trick.
    5. Close open documents and restart the computer.
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