How can i translate arabic names (nouns ) to english with out the meaning of the name please look into details to see example

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The below word in arabic

مشخص means personified

i need the result to be as below

مشخص mean Mushakhes

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  1. dupammi 1,210 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Yaman fakhry ,

    Thank you for using Microsoft Q&A. I understand that you are trying to translate Arabic names into English without considering the meaning of the name. I will be happy to assist you with that.

    To transliterate Arabic names into English without providing the meaning of the name, you can use the Azure Cognitive Services Translator Text API. This method involves converting the Arabic script into the Latin script (English characters) while maintaining the pronunciation of the original Arabic name.

    Please try to transliterate Arabic text using the Azure Cognitive Services Translator Text API. The API provides a Transliterate method that can be used to convert text in one language from one script to another script.

    In below Simplified Python script, I made use of the Transliterate method to transliterate Arabic text using the Azure Cognitive Services Translator Text API:

    import os
    import requests
    import uuid
    import json
    # Define your Azure subscription key and endpoint
    subscription_key = 'AZURE_TEXT_TRANSLATION_API_KEY'
    # Define the Azure Translator Text API endpoint and parameters
    path = '/transliterate?api-version=3.0'
    params = '&language=ar&fromScript=Arab&toScript=Latn'
    constructed_url = endpoint + path + params
    # Define the Arabic text to be transliterated
    arabic_text = 'مشخص'
    # Define the request body for the Transliterate method
    request_body = [{'text': arabic_text}]
    # Send the request to the Transliterate method
    headers = {
        'Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key': subscription_key,
        'Content-type': 'application/json',
        'X-ClientTraceId': str(uuid.uuid4())
    response =, headers=headers, json=request_body)
    response_json = json.loads(response.content.decode('utf-8'))
    # Get the transliterated text from the response
    transliterated_text = response_json[0]['text']
    print('Original Arabic Text:', arabic_text)
    print('Transliterated Text:', transliterated_text)

    Please note that this solution only provides the English representation of the Arabic name and does not provide the meaning of the name.

    For more information, please refer Translator 3.0: Transliterate

    Hope this helps.

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