Query Azure Front Door WAF Logs

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Hello MS Q&A

I have a Front Door Premium with WAF, and experiencing number of "blocks" on rule "942340" I have no issues in query the logs, but unable to query what exactly the specific rule is blocking.

I have tried with many different queries combination, but no luck in getting the details on what is root for this rule to be blocking requests.

Example on a approach, that didn't give me any luck.

Step 1


| where ResourceType == "PROFILES" or ResourceType == "FRONTDOORS"

| where action_s == "Block"

| where Category == "FrontDoorWebApplicationFirewallLog"

| where ruleName_s contains "Microsoft_DefaultRuleSet"

| summarize count() by ruleName_s, requestUri_s, policyMode_s, action_s, trackingReference_s, details_msg_s

Step 2

| where trackingReference_s == 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX'

| project TimeGenerated, Category, ruleName_s, action_s, trackingReference_s

| order by TimeGenerated desc

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