API to Accessing Auto Attendant & Call Queue Data with Powershell Graph

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We have a customer who has the MSTeams phone system integrated with direct routing to make and receive calls from PSTN. Especially when calls come in from PSTN (also known as incoming PSTN calls), they are routed from their SBC to MSTeams. The routing logic within it is as follows:

An auto-attended service answers the call, plays an announcement, and based on the option selected, routes the call to a queue. Each queue has a list of users. Consequently, the calls will be routed and either answered by one of the users or not answered at all.

Now, the customer wants to gather some metrics for this scenario. Here is the list of metrics they are interested in:

  • Calls answered by the queue agent (user)
  • Calls not answered by the queue agent
  • Active calls waiting to be answered in each queue
  • Ongoing calls by each queue

We are aware that there is a Power BI tool that provides some insightful reports. However, these reports are not in "real-time" and only offer historical data. For example, if I want to know the metrics above for the last 15 minutes up to now, I can't retrieve that information from Power BI.

With this in mind, we are reaching out to inquire if it is possible to obtain the mentioned metrics through the MS Graph API, either every 15 minutes or on demand.

If this is possible, could you please provide information on the associated pricing? How do you charge for the MS Graph API?

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