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Hello, I'm trying to set up monitoring for 60 data factories, specifically to track the "Failure" status of activity runs. The central idea is to send an alert to a Slack channel every time a new failure is detected. My main concept was to create a log workspace that consolidates all the logs from activity runs. Afterward, a query is run to check for failures every 5 minutes. When a failure is detected, a logic app is triggered, which then performs the same query to retrieve the relevant fields and construct a message in Slack. However, this process results in a series of duplications, and sometimes not all the alerts that should come through do. I need some suggestions to resolve this issue and effectively monitor the activity runs of 60 data factories.

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    You could use the same method of consolidating logs but in your logic app, you can set up a 5 minute interval that listens to a resource every 5 minutes. And if the resource is detected to have your criterias (aka failure) you can then do a slack message. Otherwise the logic app instance terminates and nothing else happens.

    1. Create a logic app with 5 minute interval
    2. Set up "When a resource event occurs" and set up triggers to your log resource or if you want, set up triggers for all the resources (data factories) and skip the log workspace (if i understood it correctly).
    3. If you have set up this use conditions to check if a "failure" has occured in one or multiple resources (at the same time).
    4. If a failure happened, send slack message of what failed ( You could probably send a batch message of which failed if thats what you want)
    5. If nothing failed, the instance is terminated.

    I hope i understood this correctly and if this was helpful :)

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