How to prevent OneDrive wizard to show the KnownFolders select backup on setup?

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I am trying to configure my AVD with Win11 multi-session Desktops with OneDrive where the OneDrive sync app does not auto-sign in. (I don't want all users to be able to use OneDrive right now, just a few selected)

  • Configured OneDrive GPO has pics:

Computer Configuration

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User Configuration

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When doing a first login, I see the client is offline (not logged in)

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Then I log in:

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User is not able to change the default location as set on the GPO - Great > Next

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But I get this box where the user can select/deselect known folders

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Not sure why as I have set to Enabled the GPO setting "Silent move Windows known folders to OneDrive" in Computer Configuration

Is there a way to disable this selection?

Thanks, M

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  1. SenhorDolas 1,126 Reputation points

    @Emi Zhang-MSFT

    Yes, the Win11 machine is AAD joined.

    Am I missing a policy setting somewhere?

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    To anyone who comes across this issue.

    It's not possible to remove that window or user call to action.

    However GPO settings will still apply even if a user says no to all.

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