New-AzVmss: Can't find the image 'Win2019DataCenterGenSecond'

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I'm testing out creating vmss with image which supports TrustedLaunch, in this case, the 2019-datacenter-gensecond. 

New-AzVmss -Credential $vmCred -ResourceGroupName $rgName -Name $vmssName -ImageName 'Win2019DataCenterGenSecond' -SecurityType TrustedLaunch 


New-AzVmss: Can't find the image 'Win2019DataCenterGenSecond'.


I tried with -ImageName '2019-datacenter-gensecond', it also says can't find the image. 


Is this because 'Win2019DataCenterGenSecond' is not the right image name or the subscription doesn't have the access to this image? 


How do I get all the UrnAlias names, especially for 2019-datacenter-gensecond? I can only see the UrnAlias for all the offline images through 'az vm image list --publisher MicrosoftWindowsServer --offer WindowsServer -o table' but the outputs doesn't have the entry for 2019-datacenter-gensecond. If I add --all to this command to list all the images including 2019-datacenter-gensecond, the outputs doesn't have the column of 'UrnAlias'. 

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  1. kobulloc-MSFT 19,376 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello, @James Hao !

    How do I find a VM alias I can use with the command, New-AzVmss?

    Edit: The solution here is to use the full URN (as 2019-datacenter-gensecond won't work by itself):


    Changing image alias is a breaking change which is scheduled with the November 2023 release of PS/CLI. Please refer to for more information.


    The only available aliases for New-AzVmss are:

    • Win2022AzureEditionCore
    • Win2019Datacenter
    • Win2016Datacenter
    • Win2012R2Datacenter
    • Win2012Datacenter
    • UbuntuLTS
    • Ubuntu2204
    • CentOS
    • CentOS85Gen2
    • Debian
    • Debian11
    • OpenSuseLeap154Gen2
    • RHEL, RHELRaw8LVMGen2
    • SuseSles15SP3
    • FlatcarLinuxFreeGen2

    Given that list, you are probably looking for Win2019Datacenter.

    As a quick aside, az vm image list --all is a great way to find VM SKUs and URNs. A great tool is which makes navigating this information a bit easier:

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