Randomly getting 503 Service unavailable response for incoming Webhook request

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We have an integration developed in SAP CPI wherein for the error handling process the integration sends alerts to an MS Teams channel by using webhook configured for that channel. However, we are facing issues wherein randomly a request to the configured webhook fails with 503 Service unavailable.

I am unable to determine the reason behind these 503 errors. Even when these is a high frequency of requests being sent to the webhook we would usually see a 429 error due to throttling but that is not the case here since sometimes we get 503 error after only 4-5 requests being sent in the space of 2 mins or so. Is there some issue with Microsoft servers I am not aware of? We saw these errors for the first time on 28th and 29th Oct 2023. We have never encountered 503 errors before when sending requests to incoming webhooks. User's image

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