Implementing Separate Data Dictionaries for Azure Functions APIs in API Management with Azure SQL

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I have different APIs (Azure Functions Node js) in API Management accessing different SQL tables in Azure SQL. I have an HTML page used in my Azure Storage account (SPA using B2C) for users to login and access my APIs, and depending on their subscription key provided they will see and have access to certain APIs. My company wants different data dictionaries for each individual API, and they only want them to be accessible via the API the user is accessing. I was wondering how this could be done. Thank you in advance, and please let me know if more information is required.

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    @Hunter B Thanks! That does help a bit.

    If I understand correctly, your frontend needs to fetch this dictionary based on their subscription key to render the UI accordingly. Also, your backend would need it to construct SQL queries on the fly.

    If that is indeed the case, I would simple suggest storing this dictionary in blob storage and expose an endpoint on your APIM that fetches it for the frontend, and your backend function app would simply fetch (and ideally cache in memory) when a request comes in with a particular subscription key.

    Also, if possible, it would be better to use a different format like JSON for the data dictionary as they are better supported by most languages without additional libraries.

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