What is "mdmcommon.dll" - This Loads on My PC But I Don't Know What it Is?

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I have a Windows 10 Pro 22h2 system, fully up to date. in System Information > Software Environment > Loaded Modules, I have noticed a DLL that always appears anywhere from 10-30 minutes after startup, called "mdmcommon"

Google hasn't been much assistance and I was directed here when asking on the main Microsoft user forum. I checked the System32 pathway but the description is practically useless, as all the file says is "mdmcommon"

I saw there was a Registry folder by the name of mdmcommon, which seems to have hashes related to the system? I can only guess that MDM stands for either Mobile Data Management or Microsoft Data Management, but I'm not sure why the module constantly loads and remains on my PC a little while after startup

I have checked with my Windows 11 laptop and both of my friend's Windows 10 PCs; the laptop and 1 of the computers never loads 'mdmcommon'. my other friend's PC has loaded it once whenever I've asked for screenshots but it usually does not appear

have done antivirus scans with Win Defender and MalwareBytes just in case, which are clean. I've also tried disabling my Outlook account on my phone, to see if that was triggering the module, since I use the same Outlook email on both my desktop and phone system, but it loads no matter what. my laptop also does not even use my Microsoft or Outlook accounts

can someone just tell me first and foremost what 'mdmcommon.dll' is and why it might be loading?

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    Mdmcommon.dll file is part of MdmCommon product developed by Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. It is responsible for Microsoft Corporation functionality. This part is required for MdmCommon to function.