Is there a more efficient way to copy multiple teams capacity from one sprint to the next in Azure DevOps?

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I know that it is possible to copy over your team members in an individual team from the last sprint into the next one as per these instructions:

But is there a way to automate this so I don't have to do it manually for every sprint? Right now when I go to the next sprint on a team, some of the people show up already but others don't, and I have to click "Copy from last sprint" to get them to show up. Can anyone explain why some people carry over but others don't, is there a way to get them all to carry over?

When you have 20+ teams having to do this for every 2 week sprint period is a waste of time, when it should just be the same team every sprint. Sure you might have the odd new addition or team leaver but this can be done on an individual basis; as a whole the team shouldn't change much.

Any help would be much appreciated! Feels like there must be a way to do this, or if not it should be a feature.

Note: The AI assist seems to think it's not possible sadly with ADO but I'll look into the API. Would love a human to confirm if this is the case or suggest an easier way to achieve it.

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    There is a way to copy capacity planning from the previous sprint to the current sprint in Azure DevOps, as described in the following documentation: Copy capacity planning from the previous sprint. However, there is no built-in way to automate this process for multiple teams. It is possible that some team members do not carry over because they were added to the team after the previous sprint, or because their capacity was not set in the previous sprint. As for automating the process, you may want to consider using Azure DevOps REST API to create a script that copies capacity planning from the previous sprint for multiple teams.


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