OOXML - SVG Image doesn't show up preview in box until it gets saved using MS Word.

Venkataramreddy Gangarapu 0 Reputation points

I am inserting an SVG Image using OOXML 2.18version into document and then uploading to BOX Platform. in BOX Platform the Image preview is not coming,

Whereas if I open the document in MS word the image is displaying and if save it to Box, then also image preview displaying fine in box. here after I open in MS word and save, the relationships are re-generating and for SVGs, PNG versions generating.

Issue is for first time preview is not coming, i.e., document is created with OOXML and uploaded to box.

is there any way to re-arrange or re-set the relationships thru OOXML. if SVG is not supported to display directly, is there any way to generate PNG version of it using OOXML?

Thanks in advance.

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