Are the fields in MS-OFORMS in fmPosition swapped?

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In MS-OFORMS, specifically the fmPosition struct is described as "Top (4 bytes)", then "Left (4 bytes)", i.e. vertical offset, then horizontal offset.

This is inconsistent with real world data I have found, such as the example at (Download In there is a frmCalculator design stream with cmdBtn7, cmdBtn8, cmdBtn9, which are visually on the same row (i.e. same distance to top), but the second value in the stream is identical for all.

It is also inconsistent with fmSize being width, then height, which would be horizontal, then vertical. Is it possible that the specification is mismatched with the product implementation here and should be updated?

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  1. Tom Jebo 1,741 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Daniel Seiler ,

    It looks like the assumption that "Top" is a vertical or Y axis measurement is incorrect. The fmPosition struct matches the Windows API POINT structure (x then y). For fmPosition, the correct interpretation is "Top" means horizontal and "Left" means vertical, i.e. "Top" means the position along the top (horizontal) edge of the bounding box and "Left" means the position along the left vertical side of the bounding box.

    Does that help to clarify the meaning?

    Best regards,
    Tom Jebo
    Microsoft Open Specifications Support