How can I retrieve output from Azure PowerShell child Runbook (7.2) started by 'Start-AutomationRunbook' from within parent Runbook (also 7.2)?

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Title says it all, I guess.

I am trying to modularize my runbooks and all I want to do is start child RBs using the internal Automation module 'Start-AutomationRunbook' AND get back the result.

This is the sample code I am testing with:

Parent RB:

$result = Start-AutomationRunbook -Name ChildRB
Write-Output $result

Child RB:

$hello = 'Hello world!'
Write-Output $hello

However, instead of storing 'Hello world!' in $result the Job ID is sent to the console.

I have also been trying to use


However, that returns GUID, status etc. but again not 'Hello, world!'. Tried to use the '-OutputJobsTransitionedToRunning' parameter as well, but that didn't do the trick either.

Unfortunately there is no real documentation about the internal Cmdlets for Azure Runbooks.

Any help is much appreciated.

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    Gordon Hesper, thank you for posting this question on Microsoft Q&A.

    In order to get the Job output from the child runbook, use Get-AzAutomationJobOutput cmdlet from the Az.Automation module. Following is a sample script to start a child runbook, wait for it to complete and then get the output back.

    #Using Managed Identity for Authentication - START
    # Ensures you do not inherit an AzContext in your runbook
    Disable-AzContextAutosave -Scope Process
    # Connect to Azure with system-assigned managed identity
    $AzureContext = (Connect-AzAccount -Identity).context
    # Set and store context
    $AzureContext = Set-AzContext -SubscriptionName $AzureContext.Subscription -DefaultProfile $AzureContext
    #Using Managed Identity for Authentication -END
    $result = Start-AutomationRunbook -Name ChildRB
    #wait for the job to complete else you may get empty result which creates confusion
    Wait-AutomationJob -Id $result
    #get the output from child runbook.
    $out = Get-AzAutomationJobOutput $result -ResourceGroupName "new-autoAcc" -AutomationAccountName "autoacc" -Stream "Any"
    write-output $out.Summary

    Note that "get-AzAutomationJobOutput" is not an internal automation cmdlet (hence the name contains "Az"). The only internal cmdlets as available are here -

    Hope this helps.

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