Mouse speed drops unexpectedly

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I will describe in detail all about my problems including some details. I used this poisonous ultimate version as early as January 5, 2022, but on that day I reinstalled my desktop (NVIDIA graphics card and Intel processor) system. I didn't expect it to affect my mouse speed, but it did happen. Then I thought it was a system problem, and I started to find someone to do several systems. It was useless, but in the end, another system made him return to normal. But one day on June 16, 2022, my sensitivity was inexplicably reduced. I did not replace the computer, display, keyboard, headset, mouse pad, and my No. 1 poison viper Ultimate Edition during this period. I immediately went to Thunder Cloud 3 to check, and I found no exception. It was still my original 800DPI and 125Hz return rate, but please believe that it did slow down, and I don't know whether it is DPI or the rate of return. This problem has been tormenting me until November 18, 2022, and I finally couldn't bear to reinstall the system that made my mouse normal. As I wish, the problem inside me was solved again. The situation appeared again on January 16, 2023, and the same problem was still the same (the sensitivity of the ultimate version of Poison was slow). This time I reinstalled the system without hesitation, but my mouse did not return to normal, and I crashed because I had no way to solve it, and even I changed my computer. It was useless. From then on, I set foot on the way to find a solution. Install the original Microsoft system and try each version of the win10 system. It is useless to reinstall the thundercloud 3. It is useless to plug the poison viper ultimate wireless receiver into the charging base and bring it close to my mouse. It is useless. I can only bring my laptop (NVIDIA graphics card and Intel processor) and my No. 2 poison viper ultimate version to the final version to the ultimate version. School, what puzzles me is that when I used my No. 2 poison Ultimate Edition on my laptop, it turned out to be the speed I was familiar with before, and there was no slower sensitivity. On March 1, 2023, I was very cautious and saved my laptop system registry. When I returned to my desktop again, I forcibly merged my laptop system to my desktop, and my desktop system collapsed. Later, I reset my notebook once,and the sensitivity slowed down. I quickly found the registry I saved to merge my laptop, and the sensitivity problem was solved, but I was not sure if this was repaired by importing the previous registry. Please ask the technician to just take a look. Later, I took my laptop back to the desktop for five days. When I brought the notebook and No. 2 Poison Ultimate Edition to school again, the problem appeared again. I frantically introduced the previous registry. But this time did not reply immediately as last time, butIt took a day or two to return to normal.

I suddenly had an idea, could I take my laptop home, connect it to my computer display, and connect my desktop keyboard headphones, including No. 1 Poison ViperUltimate Edition, to the laptop, and it worked. , the sensitivity on my display is normal, which means it is not a problem with my display. At this time, I discovered that there is a firmware update for the Viper Ultimate Edition. Before this, my No. 1 Viper Ultimate Edition had been using 1.02. Firmware version (I upgraded the firmware to 1.06 at that time, but it didn’t work). My No. 2 Viper Ultimate Edition has been using firmware version 1.06, and I noticed that the DPI of the Viper UltimateEdition was shifted three years ago. , but obviously if I'm using the cheaper version of the firmware with the DPI, then I'm using my Viper 2 Ultimate onmy laptop and taking it home with the Viper 1 Ultimate on my display when I test You won't feel the sensitivity is normal.

On June 17, 2023, the bad news came again. This time I saved the laptop's registry again (the sensitivity was normal when saving), and then I reset the laptop system, and then I saved the old registry again. When importing, my laptop's sensitivity slowed down again and I couldn't import the registry.

The above is my complete description of my problem. If necessary, I will also send you a registration form on March 1, 2023 and June 17, 2023 to help analyze the problem. My guess is whether it is related to the editing of certain data in the registry? Or is it a driver problem?

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