Help! A bug got me suspended!

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Mods, community members, please help. I don't know how to escalate my request for review or who/where to send an email. This is what I sent to MS Support, but they had already closed the ticket! I don't know what to do!

Hi Hannah,

Perhaps, you can help me understand what I did wrong and help me with the underlying issue that caused this.

I was trying to do an Azure training module on the MS Learn site. When I clicked the Activate Sandbox button it tried and then gave me message saying it couldn't activate and provided a button that was labeled Review Permissions. Naturally, I clicked the button as I was eager to continue the course work. 

It opened a separate Edge browser window with my Learn account loaded as the browser profile ( I was using Edge and going through the course work in a browser window logged in with my personal MS account). The new browser window just loaded up the same learn module page but now because I was in a different Edge profile none of my saved passwords were available so the box with the Activate Sandbox button now had a button asking me to Sign In.

I followed through with that and it asked me to allow the provision of resources etc, which I clicked allow. I think maybe this is where I went wrong, because it then started processing the sandbox startup again but instead of letting it finish I immediately closed the window. I then went back to my original browser window, refreshed the page, hit Activate Sandbox, and it then said I still needed to review my permissions. I thought it had bugged out so I refreshed again and that's when I got locked out.

I have a few questions:

  1. Can you help me understand how I was supposed to handle this issue so that I didn't break TOS? 
  2. Can you help me get whatever the issue is fixed so that I can keep training?
  3. If you can't or aren't allowed to help me with this issue, is the suspension temporary or permanent?

I hope you can tell from my description of what happened that breaking ToS was totally unintentional. I think my training record on the Learn site should also show that I have a reasonably long history of using the site and resources without any misconduct and I hope that helps in the misunderstanding.



Benjamin Williams

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    Thank you for your offers of assistance. I was able to contact Microsoft again about this issue and after giving me an opportunity to explain what happened they removed the suspension.

    Thanks again for your support.

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