Documentation required for Nuget Client SDK classes

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Please provide documentation for '' NuGet Client SDK classes.

In MSDN link '': couldn't find the class (definition, methods and properties) related information.

There are many classes in 'NuGet.Protocol dll' (more repository, providers & resources).

  1. What are the uses of 'Repository, Providers, & Resources'?
  2. How to work with local folder's and gallery's - Nupkg?
  3. How to work with cache?
  4. Some 'providers & resources - classes' have 'V2/V3': why do you have both?

Is there any proper documentation for the Nuget Client library.


According to this link '' - it covers only the basic information.

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  1. Jiale Xue - MSFT 41,116 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Venkatajalapathy K , Welcome to Microsoft Q&A,

    Sorry I could not answer all your questions.

    Second question How to work with local folder's and gallery's - Nupkg:

    According to this, the local path can be directly filled in with the path where nupkg is located. How to specify nugetgallery is also written here.

    Fourth question:

    According to this document, the actual use of v2 v3 api is related to the nuget tool. Whether it can be used depends on whether the installed nuget tool supports it. Please see the documentation for details.

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