Moving resources failed because resource group 'testResforMoving' has active deployments

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I want to move Virtual machine with its dependent resources from one subscription to another by keeping infrastructure as existing but getting error as below {"message":"Moving resources failed because resource group 'testResforMoving' has active deployments. (Code: DeploymentActive)","code":"DeploymentActive","name":"c972a550-dab2-4658-b47c-cad313e3b003","status":409}

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Azure Virtual Machines
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Azure Resource Mover
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  1. v-vvellanki-MSFT 4,915 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Riya Bharti ,
    Thanks for contacting Microsoft Q&A.

    The error message you're encountering, indicates that there are active deployments or resources within the resource group you are trying to move, which is preventing the move operation.

    Before moving a resource group or its resources to a different Azure subscription, it's important to ensure that there are no active deployments, resources in the process of being created, or resources that have not been fully provisioned within that resource group. Active deployments can include things like creating new virtual machines, deploying applications, or modifying existing resources.

    To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

    Check for Active Deployments: Review your resource group in the Azure portal and look for any ongoing or pending deployments. Ensure that there are no recent deployments or operations in progress.

    Check Resource States: Ensure that all resources in the resource group are in a stable state. This includes virtual machines, databases, storage accounts, and any other resources. Verify that there are no resources stuck in a provisioning or updating state.

    Deallocate/Stop Virtual Machines: If there are virtual machines in the resource group, make sure they are stopped or deallocated. Active virtual machines can prevent the move operation. Deallocate them from the Azure portal.

    Check for Running Services: Verify if there are any services, applications, or processes running on the virtual machines within the resource group that may be causing active deployments. Ensure that all services are stopped or paused.

    Hope this helps you.

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