Resource provider is in "Registering" status for days.

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Azure Media resource has been in "Registering" status for days and is stuck. Haven't found any definitive solution online. If anyone has ideas on how to resolve this issue, please post. Ironically, I didn't even explicitly tried to register it. Was trying to create new resources and ran into this issue.

Azure Media Services
Azure Media Services
A group of Azure services that includes encoding, format conversion, on-demand streaming, content protection, and live streaming services.
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  1. Anton Kucer 91 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    If you can't wait until the deployment to resolve this issue is completed the following are available mitigations:

    1. If at all possible, update your provisioning workflows to not rely on Registration completion. All CRUD operations for Azure Media Services will work even with the resource provider stuck in the "registering" state.
    2. If you will not be using Azure Media Services (e.g., true for some Terraform provisioning workflows), update your provisioning workflow to completely remove the Microsoft.Media registration e.g., add “skip_provider_registration = "true” to your Terraform code.
    3. The following PowerShell script can be used. If executed from the CloudShell available on Azure Portal, no local setup is necessary. This script should only be used as a one-off solution for the current issue. This script uses a region-specific ARM endpoint, and this usage pattern is strongly discouraged for any other workflow.
    $subscriptionId = ""; # replace with subscription GUID
    Connect-AzAccount;    # Not needed if running from Cloud Shell on Azure Portal 
    $token = (Get-AzAccessToken).Token;
    $res = Invoke-WebRequest$subscriptionId/providers/ -Headers @{ 'Authorization' = "Bearer $token" } -Method Post;
    #Validate registration state. It can take a couple of mins for registration to complete.
    $provider = Invoke-WebRequest$subscriptionId/providers/ -Headers @{ 'Authorization' = "Bearer $token" };
    ($provider.Content | ConvertFrom-Json).registrationstate        # Should print out Registered
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  2. VenkateshDodda-MSFT 14,211 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Pavan Thanks for your patience on this.

    I have checked with internal team on this and below is the feedback shared.

    Upon investigating further, our engineering team has identified a bug, and a fix has been deployed across all the regions to mitigate the issue.

    Feel free to reach back to me if you have any further questions on this.

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