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i want countra Head ,

Create table #Tbl_Customer (C_ID int,C_Name varchar(50))

Create table #tbl_Ledger (ID int,E_Date date,Debit_Head_ID int,Credit_Head_ID int,T_Amount Decimal(10,2),Countra_ID int )

insert into #Tbl_Customer values (1001,'Akhter')
insert into #Tbl_Customer values (1002,'Noman')
insert into #Tbl_Customer values (1003,'Bank')
insert into #Tbl_Customer values (1004,'Akram')

Insert into #tbl_Ledger values (1,'2023-09-01',1001,Null,4000,1003) 
Insert into #tbl_Ledger values (1,'2023-09-01',Null,1003,4000,Null) 
Insert into #tbl_Ledger values (1,'2023-09-01',1002,Null,1000,1003) 
Insert into #tbl_Ledger values (1,'2023-09-01',1004,Null,1000,1003) 

if i pass parameter 1003 ,then below output must display

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if i pass parameter 1001 ,then below output must display

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    Do you need something like this?

    select E_Date, string_agg( C_Name, CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)) as Countra_Head
    from #Tbl_Customer c
    inner join
        select E_Date, Countra_ID
        from #tbl_Ledger where Debit_Head_ID = @Parameter
        select E_Date, Debit_Head_ID
        from #tbl_Ledger where Countra_ID = @Parameter
    ) t on t.Countra_ID = c.C_ID
    group by E_Date
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