Using Azure Identity Service on Downstream Device in Transparent Gateway Scenario

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Overview: I am unable to use Azure Identity Service on a child device to connect to IoT Hub via a transparent gateway.


I am attempting to follow this tutorial: to connect a downstream device to Azure IoT Hub via an parent device acting as a transparent gateway.

I have this configuration working well when using azure iot sdk for python. I can confirm the child device can connect to the IoT Hub with the modified connection string.

I.e. This script connects successfully to the IoTHub via the gateway device 'abbyg-p16-eflow'image.png

Because the above script works - this leads me to believe that I do not have any issues with networking or firewall.

However when I try to establish a connection with Azure Identity Service I using this configuration file:


This passes the aziotctl connectivity check:image.png

But, I receive an unauthorized error when the identity service starts:image.png

I am not sure why I am receiving the Unauthorized error when using Azure Identity Service, but not when using the Azure IoT SDK for python. I am seeking to use Azure Identity Service for use with Azure Device Update. Any troubleshooting tips or solutions would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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