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Hi Experts!

I've inherited an on-premise firewall that BGP peers with our Azure instance using Microsoft Peering via ExpressRoute. The ExpressRoute Circuit provides two (primary & secondary) BGP sessions links.

Currently, on-premise firewall is configured to ONLY advertise the two BGP session links (ie. /30 subnets), with local BGP peer address as Next Hop - it does NOT advertise default ( nor any Intranet routes, however, all response traffic from Azure resources return via the two BGP sesssions links - I can only conclude that the (a) two on-premise BGP peers becomes de-facto default gateways is a characteristic of Microsoft Peering?

Since on-premise firewall is stateful, I need all (sent and) reply traffic be preferred on primary BGP session link. AS Path Prepending is documented in Path selection for Microsoft and Public peering which I intend to follow, however, since I don't advertise default or Intranet routes, I cannot see how AS Path Prepending on current advertised routes (ie. the two BGP sessions link subnets) would help - unless, (b) it's also a characteristic of Microsoft Peering?

Is the answer to (a) and (b), "yes"?

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Azure ExpressRoute
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    @Alex Ferentsein

    Welcome to the Microsoft Q&A Platform. Thank you for reaching out & I hope you are doing well.

    If you are using Microsoft Peering, that means a certain Public IPV4 Range "Advertised public prefixes" is validated by Microsoft.

    Certain IPs would be advertised from your OnPrem into Microsoft.

    • Only then, Microsoft would send the traffic destined to the OnPrem Public IPs via the ExpressRoute.
    • Else, no Traffic flows inside the Microsoft Peering.

    For a)

    • I am not exactly sure what you mean by "default gateways" as I am not sure about the router side configuration.
    • From each the /30 subnet you specify, the first usable IP address is assigned to your router and Microsoft uses the second usable IP for its router.
    • The "Advertised public prefixes" uses this IP to route into Microsoft Routing domain and Microsoft services send the traffic destined to this "Advertised public prefixes" via the Microsoft Peering.
    • Refer : Microsoft peering
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    For b)

    Your statement says that you are not "advertise default or Intranet routes".

    • However, for Microsoft peering to work , you should advertise some Public IP prefixes you own as stated above.
    • There are two /30 subnets, one for each Primary Connection and Secondary Connection.
      • If you advertise a lengthier AS path for secondary connection, Microsoft will prefer the primary connection (shorter AS Path).

    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance here.



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