Azure OpenAI Studio and Python SDK: Unusual exception "Request failed with exception: Unrecognized request argument supplied: dataSources" thrown when trying to use chat with own data

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Hey there!

I have set up a chatbot in the Azure OpenAI Studio as you can see here:

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I then use the following code to access the endpoint in Python:
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and have the following function I'm running to generate a completion:

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Currently, I have this function implemented in a Flask application and am using it to retrieve responses. The problem is, I continue to get this exception thrown when a completion is attempted: "Request failed with exception: Unrecognized request argument supplied: dataSources"

I've ran 4 different apps with this function successfully and have never encountered the error. I've checked all environment variables, I'm using the right version of the API for using the BYOD adapter. I even ran the function in a simplified example in a Jupyter notebook and it generated the completion successfully. In that case, I had to ensure I was running version 0.28.1 of the openai library for the error message to resolve but that's what I'm running in the environment my Flask app uses.

When I remove the dataSources argument and run the function, it works. But, that defeats the purpose of the application I'm building and it also doesn't make sense since both the API version and openai library version support the argument.
I also see an error message when I test the endpoint in Azure OpenAI studio as you can see in the screenshot above but that only happens when I use the specific index used in this completion. I experience the same issue for any new index I try to make.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!



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  1. navba-MSFT 18,575 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @William Hawkins We appreciate your patience on this and please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused due to this issue.


    The fix has been deployed to all regions. Please test this again and confirm if it is working fine.

    Here is the RCA for the issue:

    Why it happened -

    We released a bugfix for Data Source Dropdown Not Reset, that caused the regression, making the AddYourData not usable flow throwing the error. We were setting the Datasource as null once the modal submits, which caused the entire AddYourData to have no dataSources a parameter in the payload.


    What was the mitigation-

    The issue was identified on Friday night at 11:00 PM PST and was change was deployed on Monday at 11:32 AM PST. We reverted the change from the bugfix that was merged.

    Next Steps-

    We already have set up our end-to-end testing framework for Project Wednesday and will be adding more tests for all our hero scenarios this semester. This is in the plan for the team.
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