Getting billed on the free Database.

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I stared using an Azures free database which they started to offer but I am still getting build. It's the only resources which I had. Deleted it now because I don't want to accumulate more costs.

Azure SQL Database
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  1. ShaktiSingh-MSFT 14,296 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Ruan de Jongh

    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A forum.

    As I understand, you are getting billed for Azure SQL Database as free resource.

    The monthly free limits include 100,000 vCore seconds of serverless database compute and a maximum size of 32 GB of data.

    You have two options you can set in the Behavior when free limit reached setting:

    • Once the monthly limits on vCore activity or storage are met, the database can be auto-paused until the beginning of the next calendar month.
    • This is the Auto-pause the database until next month option.
    • Keep the database online, with vCore usage and storage amount over the free limits charged to your subscription's billing method, at the standard General Purpose tier serverless rates.
    • This is the Continue using database for additional charges option.

    Regardless, the free amount renews at the start of the next calendar month.


    Once you have chosen **Continue using database for additional charges**, it's not possible to go back to the free amount with auto-pause.

    Tips on managing vCore seconds

    1. Disconnect querying tools such as Azure Data Studio and SQL Server Management Studio, including the object explorer, when you're done using them. Leaving connections open may continue to consume credits.
    2. On the Metrics tab, create an alert rule at no cost. Use the Free amount remaining metric to send an alert when the amount is less than 10,000 vCore seconds (10% of the monthly limit), so you know when you're running out for the month.

    Compared to a normal General Purpose database, this free offer has the following limitations.

    • When the Auto-pause the database until next month option is enabled:
      • Maximum of 4 vCores and the maximum database size of 32 GB.
        • Long-term backup retention isn't available, and point-in-time restore (PITR) retention is limited to 7 days.
          • Backup storage is local redundant storage only.
            • Backup storage is free.
    • When the Continue using database for additional charges option is enabled:
      • Backup storage up to 32 GB is free.
        • You can't revert to the Auto-pause the database until next month option.
    • The ability to restore or convert an existing database to the free offer database, or data sync with other databases, isn't available.
    • Elastic Jobs and DNS Alias aren't available for this free offer.
    • The free offer Azure SQL Database can't be a part of an elastic pool or autofailover group.
    • Currently, you can only use the Azure portal to create the free offer database.
    • Currently, the Microsoft Azure for Students Starter offer is incompatible with this Azure SQL Database free offer. Instead, consider the Azure for College Students offer or the Azure Free offer. If desired, the Continue using database for additional charges option can deduct from the starting credits.
    • For more information, review the Azure SQL Database free offer FAQ.

    Hope this helps, thanks.

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  2. AirGordon 7,030 Reputation points

    When using the Free SQL Database SKU, it's important to keep an eye on the configuration. If overage billing is disabled and you've not configured extended backup - then you should be all good.

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