Comparing the Constant Value of Properties in C# Entity - Need Boolean Result for Entity Save

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 public class BrandSaveDTO : TenantAndLEBaseEntityTimeZone
     public long? brandSeq { get; set; }

     [Required(ErrorMessage = "BrandId is required")]
     public string brandId { get; set; }

     [Required(ErrorMessage = "BrandName is required")]
     public string brandName { get; set; }

     public string? shortDescription { get; set; }

I have a Brand Save DTO for every time creating a brand, and I need to compare the value of the brand ID. If it is equal to the assigned value, Suppose brandId="Alexa",if its equal then only proceed to save an entity; otherwise, I need to display a message like "Entity is not matched." I need the result in a boolean expression. If it's true, I need to save the entity; otherwise, I need to display a message. Is there any library under Microsoft for my scenario?d Save DTO for everytime creating an brand i need to compare the value of brand id is it equal to what i have assigned value.., suppose (brandID="Alexa") if it is equal to assigned value then only proceed to save an entity otherwise need to display an message like Entity is not matched....., I need the result in boolean expression if its true need to save else display an message , 

Suggest is there any library under the microsoft for My scenario ...,

Entity Framework Core
Entity Framework Core
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Microsoft Technologies based on the .NET software framework.
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  1. Kesava Subhash Gullapudi 30 Reputation points

    Based on my Scenario I have implemented Snippet

            public static bool ArePropertiesEqual<T>(T entity, params (string propertyName, object constantValue)[] propertyValues)
                Type entityType = typeof(T);
                List<string> notMatchedProperties = new List<string>();
                Dictionary<string, object> propertyValuesDict = propertyValues.ToDictionary(pair => pair.propertyName, pair => pair.constantValue);
                foreach (var propertyValue in propertyValuesDict)
                    var property = entityType.GetProperty(propertyValue.Key);
                    //if propertie is going to be null 
                    if (property == null)
                        throw new ArgumentException($"Property '{propertyValue.Key}' not found in type {entityType.Name}");
                    var entityValue = property.GetValue(entity);
                    if (!object.Equals(entityValue, propertyValue.Value))
                        StalwartError.affirm($"{entityValue} is Un-matched Value", StatusCodes.Status400BadRequest);
                return true;

    Do implementation Guys if any issue has placed in my snippet ... :-)

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